1. Ideal Traits has helped both of my agencies now for a couple years put in place good solid support staff. It allows me to find, screen and test before interviewing. I’m able to narrow my interview time down to only those that will really fit the bill for what we need. Ideal traits has saved us time and money by giving us a tool that is professional, customizable and accurate every time. I will not hire anyone going forward without Ideal Traits.
Cheryl Bowker

2.I would like to provide some very positive feedback as to the effectiveness of your program. One of the toughest aspects of what Agency owners face is staffing. This is a process. Your program addresses the daunting task of creating job descriptions, the placement of your job advertisements, tracking and testing my candidates. Once I choose which job I was trying to fill, I used your job descriptions and created my own “Web Page” and placed the add and link on various recruiting web sites. It is very professional. I received over 180 responses to my job add in the first week. I was then able to contact the candidates for initial phone interviews and resume information. The best part is, once I narrowed down my candidates, I used the on line assessment tool to qualify my candidates to see if they possessed the characteristics for the job. I will tell you, some of my candidates interviewed well, but tested poorly. Others tested just OK and some tested well. It is awesome at weeding out potential problems. That is a huge saving in my time, money, and aggravation. I have recommended Ideal Traits to my piers and will continue to do so.

Jim Parolin

3.We do not hire any candidates without first putting them through IdealTraits.

We are convinced that the assessments are accurate and are clearly an indicator of a candidates future success within our agency.

Any Allstate agent not currently utilizing IdealTraits is simply missing the boat and even worse: costing themselves thousands of dollars due to a poor hire or a placing a new hire in a position to which their personality will not allow them to succeed.

If you aren’t using IdealTraits, don’t walk, RUN to your computer and sign up immediately!
Mark Jameson

4.I love ideal traits. Kevin and his team have helped me take my current hiring process to an all new proficient level. Not only does it help in evaluating new hires, it also helps take the guess work out of who I am actually hiring. Kevin will also share his entire hiring process. These are the right ingredients for successful hiring. The other feature that creates a job add for you and posts on job sites and Facebook is another great feature. If your not using this your not going to make the best hiring decision.
Jay Adkins

5.Ideal traits has really helped me segment my staff. I had recently hired someone for a customer service position and she wasn’t working out as well as I had hoped. Shortly thereafter, I signed up with IdealTraits and had my entire staff take the assessment. Needless to say, my customer service person came back as a sales person. Once I changed her position to sales, she has been doing great. She has really helped my growth this year.
Crowe, Shirl

6.I can not say how much time and effort has been saved by using Ideal Traits. This from a guy who thought he knew it all….As I am a previous Allstate Sales Manager with 25 years of interviewing LSP’s and agents trying to determine the right hire. Ideal Traits is the first site that is the best from start to finish….

Here are the benefit as I see them.

1. One stop shop from completing an ad to hiring a qualified candidate!
2. Placing a professional ad in multiple media locations.
3. Having a consistent application and hiring process to keep you legal.
4. Gauging a candidates intelligence
5. Determining their personality prior to hiring them.
6. Determining their drive and motivation prior to hiring them.
7. Finding out many things about the candidate through open on line questions. Its amazing when you just say tell me something about yourself what a candidate will tell you online that they wont tell you face too face.
8. Since you have a consistent process it allows you to compare your prior hire assessment to a new candidate.
9. For once you are not hiring blind!

To date I believe I have assessed at least 60+ candidates through IdealTraits. In three years we’ve went from 7 people to 18 people and grown the book from 5 million to 8 million +. IdealTraits has been a God send!

Best Regards,
Mark Noffsinger

7.I found a sales leader with the help of this test. He has been with me for 4 months, and is doing well. I will continue to use this test for all new hires.

Brian Kaleel

8.Ideal Traits has virtually eliminated the “guessing game” out of potential candidates. We all know that everyone that interviews for a position mostly tell the employer what they believe they want to hear. With Ideal Traits, I have the confidence that I am not only hiring the right person, but also the right person for the right position.

Omar Salazar

9.Idealtraits has put me in control of hiring higher quality candidates at an affordable COST. I now can assess many candidates in an effort to hire the best one. I was using another company prior to Idealtraits, but the cost of the assessment was prohibitive. Plus, Idealtraits assessments are simple enough for me to understand to so I don’t need someone to interpret the assessment for me. I have hired 5 new employees over the past six months using Idealtrails and only one didn’t work out.

Ralph Portee

10.I’ve assessed four candidates for my telemarketing office. The idea is to bring in a “sales leader” telemarketer who will have the opportunity to work into a sales position over a very short period of time. Of my four assessments, only the last profiled as a sales leader – he starts work next week. I should mention that I did buck the system and hire one of the earlier assessed candidates who did not assess as a sales leader. He failed miserably and I lost one week of wages! I know, that’s exactly what is supposed to happen when I ignore the assessment results.

Signed. Stubborn in Austin (but teachable none the less!)

Harley Alloway Insurance Agency

11. I have recently signed up for Ideal traits and plan on using this tool for all my future hires. I am currently in the process to hire two LSP’s for sales and will use this tool to help identify the best candidate. Being new to the program I asked my current employees to participate in the questionnaire. It was very very accurate. I wish I would have had this opportunity when I purchased the business back in 2012, I would have saves a lot of heart ache and money making sure I hired the right people.

I would strongly recommend this program to any new or existing agents.

Stephen W. Mescall

12.Ideal Traits has led me to the top performers in my office. My most recent hire is responsible for increasing my AF production by 15,000 pts in 45 days.

V. Craig Campbell Jr

13.I think Ideal Traits is a fantastic system! It has given me a structured course of action in the hiring process. It’s super easy to use and the results from the assessments are so crucial to making a wise hiring decision. The support was great when I had questions. The job listings are so professional looking. I am very impressed and completely satisfied with Ideal Traits!

Cris Brock

14.“IdealTraits is saving me money by helping me hire the right person for the job.”

Dan Ratkewitch

15.I like Ideal traits. It helps me get to know a candidate a little bit better. What it does not measure I feel is a persons heart, how bad do they want to succeed. A good question you can add is do you like to win or do you hate to lose and why? I would pick the person who hates to lose.
Also, My whole office completed their own profile and I have two perfectionists, 1 researcher, 1 sales person, 1 who is knowledgeable. What is interesting is that the person with the knowledgeable trait is the best salesperson in my office. Interesting. One perfectionist is not a detail oriented person at all just a person who can handle simple repetitive tasks. She makes a lot of little mistakes, but is the first person to get the mail when it comes. I was labeled as persistent when I took it. That is true about me.
Overall, I am happy and will continue to use your process.

James Purcell

16.Ideal Traits has definately helped us in the hiring process by helping determine if a candidate is suitable for the role we are hiring for. We have been able to specifically determine sales potential vs. customer service potential. We will continue using it each time we hire in the future. Thanks!

Jennifer Flynn
Darren Vogt Agency

17.So far, I have found this service to me very helpful in the hiring process. For example, I was going to hire someone for sales but changed my mind because the Ideal Traits test clearly indicated that they did not have the traits necessary to be a sales person. I believe this will save me a lot of time and money in training people not qualified to be in sales.

Bonnie Schmidt

18.Sorry for the late response. IdealTraits is my ‘lifeline’ in the hiring process. The interviewing process is not overly easy and the wrong hire is very costly. IdealTraits allows me to know how a hiring candidate will perform is his/her role with our agencies. Our agencies operate with a specialist role mentality and without IdealTraits it is very unlikely that we would make the right hire.

IdealTraits is our my most valuable tool in the hiring process.

Jason M. Durica

19.I have not hired since March. The first person I had do the test turned out to be a nurturer and the product delivered.

I will not hire another lsp or telemarketer without the assistance of idealtraits.com!

Paul Gearin

20.“We are still in the hiring process but with the assessments that we have completed so far it has helped us determine the skills of the candidates that we are considering.”

Thank you!
Martin J. Mitchell

21.We are very happy with IdealTraits and the service we have received. We are new to the system and are learning but so far it has been very easy and you have been extremely helpful with any questions we have.

The reason we were excited about the system in the first place is that we were constantly feeling we were missing an important piece of the hiring evaluation process. No matter what we did to improve our hiring process we never felt as strong about it as we do our other business practices. It was our weak link in the business. Hiring the right team member for the position isn’t easy and when done wrong can be very costly! We believe IdealTraits testing is exactly what we were missing. In the short time we have been using it is has already prevented us from making a bad hire!

We have no doubt that IdealTraits testing will more than pay for itself by saving us valuable time and money in bad hires and also by helping us to match the team member to the right position.

Thanks for all your help!

I wanted to follow up to yesterday’s email and let you know that we used this mornings office meeting to test our existing team members (both have been with us a year or more) and IdealTraits was spot on in the evaluations! We shared the results with the team and they agreed and loved it!

Lothaire S Brant, Office Manager
Allstate – Carreras Insurance Agency, LLC

22.I would not consider hiring an employee without using IdealTraits in the process. The system is easy to use and interpret. Evaluating employees and getting them in the right “seat” was always hit and miss until I started using IdealTraits. Making a good hire makes all the difference! IdealTraits is a vital part of that process for me.

John L. Cheney Jr CIC

23.We love Ideal Traits. I would not hire a candidate without first having them take the ideal traits assessment. It is the most detailed and accurate assessment we have used. I am actually blown away by how detailed, consistent and accurate it actually is.

Peter Stockwell

24.I have only recently started using Ideal Traits but I can already see the value that it provides to me when screening candidates. I’ve been guilty of “quick to hire, slow to fire” in the past and the Ideal Traits assessments will help me build a database of qualified candidates and ultimately make a smarter hiring decision.

David Costa, Agent

25.IdealTraits has speeded up and improved my interviewing and hiring process. I do a quick 5 minute call and then decide whether or not to send the assessment. I tell the applicant that if we’re interested we’ll call them back, so I don’t waste time with rejection letters. If the applicant has the profile I’m looking for, I call them in and I already know they can do the job, so I can focus on things that I would normally cover in a second interview. Being able to make a decision with one interview allows me to more aggressively go after the right staff.
Greg Nowak

26.Recently used IdealTraits to screen a candidate and she scored 86 as a sales person. She is currently in training in Indianapolis and we hope to see great things from her!

Tom Sorensen

27.So far I have used ideal traits maybe 2 or 3 times for the assessments. I find them extremely helpful in assisting the final selection of a candidate. I plan to hire a new person in the next month or two so feel free to follow up with me in maybe 6 months and I can let you know how the new employee is doing. Thanks!!!

Edward Brys

28.I have struggled with hiring issues for almost 19 years now trying to determine a candidate’s strength and weakness. Resumes are often glorified and folks are now learning what to say at interviews but once you bring them on board…..you find out it was all talk. Ideal Traits has worked quite well for me.

1. I feel more confident as an agency owner to have candidates take the profile assessment prior to an interview. This helps me determine if they are more qualified for a service or purely sales position.

2. I also feel more like an HR professional getting a better idea of which direction to gear my interviewing questions after reviewing the summary.

3. Some candidates agree to take the assessment but never do it. This also tells me a lot. Either they are not taking this position seriously, feel they can not do well or simply started and did not or could not finish. In either event, it saved me time. It would be a mistake to interview or hire them anyway.

Thus far, I have utilized Ideal Traits for one new hire. I am seeking that pure salesperson now and will continue making Ideal Traits a mandatory requirement before scheduling an interview.

I would recommend this for EVERY agency owner. Our time is very valuable and the on boarding and training process takes a long time. I find this tool to be very valuable in my hiring process.

Penny Tsao

29.The Ideal Traits assessments have helped my agency in several ways:

I asked my entire staff to take the assessments and based on the results and feedback from your team we were able to better segregate the sales and service work in our agency to improve efficiency and customer service.

Todd Ray

30.I began using IdealTraits second quarter of 2013. I initially used the assessments to help me specialize my team into more vertical positions within my growing agency. Transitioning from a team who were all generalists to a more vertical approach of segmenting the sales superstars from the customer care team was difficult at best. However, using IdealTraits enabled me to qualify who were true sales producers and who were better suited to customer care and admin. roles. IdealTraits provided a tool to remove guesswork and quantify my reorganization decisions. I also am using IdealTraits for all potential new team members…sales and customer care. I have found the tool to be extremely useful in profiling team members and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in their respective roles. I have used other assessment tools previously with less success. Perhaps the fact that this tool was built by and for insurance professionals is a factor in it’s effectiveness.

Thanks IdealTraits

Cally O’Donnell, CLTC

31.Great that there is another set of data available in which to help analyze a customer, beside the normal subjective “guessing” with interviews
– I love that there is written analysis to help qualify what could make a good candidate. (I’ve done lots of hiring but for software engineers and project mgrs. It’s nice to get some practical advice from an agent that does a lot of insurance hiring. You guys should beef up this part and offer analysis for all classes of candidates.)
– the little tech test is a good way to check problem-solving skills
– nice that you can post to several recruiting sites, but none are really mainstream and don’t get much action
– nice that the ads are connected right to the application process
– nice that you have canned job descriptions that you can start with
– Danelle was great at customer support and answering all my annoying questions 🙂

Best regards,
Colin deSouza Agency, Inc.

32.Idealtraits has taken much of the guess work out of the hiring process. The additional value is priceless!

Erick Ellgren

33.We have been able to add staff based on the assessment rather than emotion. It helps analyze how the person will fit the position. It is a great tool for our agency.
John Tunnell

34.I feel that IdealTraits tells me things about an applicant that I couldn’t otherwise find out. It has helped me separate the great from the good. I don’t think I could ever hire someone without screening them with IdealTraits first.
Nick Christensen

35.So far I have been happy with Ideal Traits. I looked into Caliper and Omnia, but the costs were very high and what I would get is not much different than what IdealTraits offers. I’m using the assessment for all interviewed candidates and current staff to be sure people are doing the jobs that they are best suited for. I was about to let a CSR go for not being great at service. I gave him the assessment and he scored as a “sales person.” I’ve been giving him more leads and taking him off the phones and he’s doing great in his new role.

I was really happy to see that IdealTraits is now Executive Advantage eligible. I paid for 40 assessments prior to this and still believe that it was worth my money. I would love to see more staffing resources Executive Advantage eligible in the future. Lead sources are great, but more importantly we need good people to work the leads and close at a high rate.

Mike Short

36.I have used Idealtraits for my latest hire of a new LSP that started on August 1st.


37.Ideal Traits has helped me find people that are sales minded. It assists with people’s personality types and how my approach with them should be. So far, I am satisfied with ideal traits and plan to continue to use it in my hiring process.

Shannon Johnson

38.Ideal Traits has been a critical hiring tool in my agency. It allows me to determine the candidates personality traits that could potentially lead to a successful employee. I highly recommend every Allstate agent use Idea Traits

Omar Zaki

39.I have been in the process of replacing a four year employee who is having a baby and wants to be a stay at home mom. The profile testing has helped me eliminate those candidates who are not well fitted to the position based on their profiles. I can then focus on those who will be a good fit for our office. Ideal traits is helping me identify the strength of the applicants giving me the confidence to hire the right person for the right job.

Steve Westrick

40.It’s a wonderful tool! Wish I would have it beforehand, to find the right person to fit the right job!

Best regards,
Randy McDonald

41.I have only used idealtraits on my current staff– but do feel it was an easy service and provided me good information that I used during employee reviews.
So, I like the service and look forward to using it for potential new hires.
Melody Williams

42.Ideal Traits has helped me not only to know what I think I’m getting in a candidate but it is also helping me to distinguish where I am putting them within my company. It has been incredibly accurate with two of my hires!
I will always use this assessment when I am hiring new people.

Donald A. Kaminski

43.Ideal Traits has been a great tool for me to use when interviewing potential hires. I gave my newest hire the test, in which she did very well. I wish I had this tool with my previous hires that did not work out.

Thank you,
Anna Maria Chiaverini

44.IdealTraits has saved me from at least one bad hire! Every time I think I have the “perfect” salesperson I get corrected by the test! I know because it was so dead on about me and some friends I had take it. Thanks IdealTraits for helping me pick a winner – one day!

David Reid

45.I appreciate having a tool which provides an objective measure of a candidate’s likelihood to succeed in our agency. We have utilized Idealtraits (I purchased the Gold Package) to hire both LSP’s and CSR’s and have been pleased with the results. I have also let a fellow agent test it out with a potential hire – so I obviously believe in it.

Michael A. Morales

46.Ideal Traits has really revolutionalized the way we hire our new associates. Once we receive a resume we are interested in we contact the candidate and send them the assessment prior to their interview. The profile report returned has really helped us to identify if this candidate is going to be a “right fit” for the position that we currently have open. We also bring the profile assessment to each interview and we actually fashion our interview questions to correspond with the traits identified in the report, it has been surprising to us how “right on” these assessments have been. Ideal Traits has helped to take the guess work out of hiring – it is a must have for our office!

Valerie Grodman

47.I have used 3 assessments for potential candidates in the last couple of months and the results from the assessments helped me to eliminate two of the candidates that I probably would have otherwise hired. The third candidate had results that showed that she would be a great sales leader. This has proved to be true because she has turned out to be an outstanding sales producer! Based on these results I am a believer in the Ideal Traits process to identify great sales producers. Ideal Traits eliminates the guess work and costly expense of hiring the wrong person for the job.

Thank you,
Carl Stanek

48.Ideal Traits is a great way to organize the hiring process. Every applicant is directed to one place. This makes things much easier. Rather than constantly checking email after email and dealing with the clutter that is my inbox, Ideal Traits keeps my inbox clean. Aside from that bonus benefit, Ideal Traits helped me build a professional website where people can apply. The job page attracts a more qualified applicant. I used to post a simple little paragraph on Craigslist. I would get a lot of unqualified people applying for the job. I think the professional job page tells people that we are for real. Then you have the personality assessment test. I took this myself. It was the most detailed description I have ever read. I was expecting a short little paragraph. This tool makes me feel much more comfortable with the hiring process. With the uncertainty of not knowing how your new hires will perform, this takes a more mathematical approach and improves the odds of hiring the right candidate. This can save me thousands of dollars.

Prince Elia

49.IdealTraits has provided accurate insights for our proposed hires by job description.

For sales positions we are looking for the “closers, the people who like commission driven job opportunities. IdealTraits identities those applicants who fit those criteria and the agency does not make a bad hire and waste months of training and wages. The same rational applies to CSR positions and even admin assistants.

The Kent Schwab Agency does not make any hires without IdealTraits!


50.So far so good. I got a sales producer who tested as being a sales leader in June and the last two months have been the best in my career. Its also kept me from hiring a few people that seemed motivated but proved to be the wrong fit for my agency.

Scott Cunningham

51.Before using IdealTraits we spent countless hours trying to sift through resumes to determine which ones were worth contacting. The result led to wasting even more time interviewing candidates that were not truly qualified for the position we were looking to fill. After using IdealTraits we now know before the interview that the candidate has the qualifications that we are looking for. The site allows you to pre-qualify each prospect with a simple click of a button, assuring you that each interview you conduct is with the best people available. We conduct our Agency’s entire staffing and recruitment process from one place: IdealTraits. It comes highly recommended!
Michael J. Blum

52.I would highly recommend every agency owner using Ideal Traits. I don’t even hire a part-time person for my office without using Ideal Traits. Their system is customized specifically for the insurance business. Ideal Traits rocks!

Laura Harris

53.What I really appreciate about Ideal Traits is how easy and intuitive it is to use. I am getting to the point where when a candidate completes an on line assessment, I already know what to anticipate before they come in for an interview. I have also tried multiple on-line assessment tools in the past and have found them confusing in their reports and or lacking in the complete information that Ideal Traits provides. I easily give Ideal Traits an A+!
Tom Baecker

54.Using IdealTraits, I was able to identify a solid producer for my agency. It made the interview process simpler, as I had confidence that the candidate had the necessary sales skills and drive that this job requires. I highly recommend them!

Jeff Duncan

55.I would say that Ideal Traits has confirmed my suspicions for several applicants — it has confirmed that those whom were going to be offered a job were, and it’s confirmed that those who were not going to be offered a job were not. That has allowed me to move faster on final decisions and with more confidence.

The reports have also assisted with managing the personality post hiring, and that is perhaps the most valuable piece of the assessment to date. Unfortunately, it is not a magic bullet and does not prevent one from making a bad hire…however, I feel it is a valuable tool for which I paid out of pocket prior to EA fund availability…and which I would again pay for out of pocket if necessary. I’m keeping this tool in the tool box.

Gary Short

56.Ideal Traits takes the guessing out of hiring. Its simple, easy to use process allowed me to quickly filter down to those candidates that best suited my current need. This cut my search time down 80% and allowed me to focus on quality candidates for specific positions

John A Larson III

57.I have only been using ideal traits for a short period of time and it has really helped.
Here is how…

1. Professional appearance with my advertising: The template to create ads allows my professionalism to increase greatly. I have been complemented on my ad which ideal traits automatically allows me to post in four major career sites as well as Facebook, twitter, etc. Other agency owners saw it on Facebook and have asked me about using ideal Traits. The recommendations on how to write the ad using descriptive wording that will be picked up by search engines has allowed me to get several more resumes than I would ever get in the past with job postings.
2. I have used the test to assess job candidates and learned right away that some of them would not be a good fit for the job. I also gave the test to my current employees and that allowed me to better understand what drives them and how to better motivate them. In addition I ran the test on myself and my wife and feel that the test results were spot on.
3. Ideal Traits has given me more time in my day by allowing me to interview the right people instead of wasting time on the wrong people for the job.
Also it will pay big returns when I am not hiring people that can’t sell and can’t be motivated. I know that it can cost me thousands of dollars in training efforts, training pay, time spent, etc. if I hire the wrong person. This program will protect me from losing thousands per year and countless hours of lost time training the wrong people. Hiring the right people will also allow me to grow and accomplish my goals much faster.

Matthew Tocco

58.Ideal Traits has allowed me to organize my hiring process and portray a professional image to candidates. – Greg S.

Greg Sniezek

59.Finding the needle in the haystack. That’s what interviewing and hiring is like without Ideal Traits. Ideal Traits can help you find the right personality/attributes/person for the position before you spend too much time with someone that doesn’t align. Highly recommended!

Adam Pisani

60.Since registering with Idealtraits.com my hiring process has improved in allowing me to make sure the right candidate moves forward in the interview processes. This has allowed me to concentrate on the right fit for my agency and not waste time on a candidate outside of the personality profile I am searching for.

Carrie Lee Covington

61.I have used IdealTraits to evaluate my current employees. My goal was to determine which roles each of them would be best suited for as I implement specialization processes within my agency.

I have also used it for a new hire, just after hiring him. Had I known about IdealTraits and utilized this valuable tool, I would not have hired that person. The summary paragraph at the conclusion was quite accurate. (He has since been let go.)

There are many steps and processes that agents go through toward making a hiring decisions. It is helpful to get a snapshot of each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses through a different lens.

I do look forward to utilizing this tool in the future and have purchased the platinum package. I would recommend this tool to agents as an aid in making hiring decisions. But more importantly, to avoid hires that do not meet up to their promises and agent expectations. Wrong hires are costly in terms of dollars/resources but also precious production time lost.

Please feel free to have Allstate contact me directly if they wish to.

Best Regards,
Lisa Calabresi

62.Ideal traits is invaluable system to my hiring process. Every candidate for hire is from Ideal Traits job posts and every candidate takes the personality test. Because of the test I already know whether the candidate belongs in sales or service and this really helps me ask the right questions in the interview and get a clear assessment if the candidate is the right fit for my agency. I have had high turnover before and since I started with Ideal Traits I haven’t had one bad hire and no one has left. It has giving me the culture I was missing and longing for. Production and service is up and I have a great team thanks to Ideal Traits.
Jason Kilgo

63.IdealTraits has given me greater insight into the strengths and weaknesses of my potential hires. After taking the test myself, I was able to see that it was accurate. In addition, once I was able to better see the areas that I either excel or fall short, in a more data driven and scientific manner, I’m more confident that the people I bring in to my business will compliment me and help me reach the goals that I have set.

Mike Tiffany

64.I recently utilized IdealTraits to assess all six staff members on my team. Upon reviewing the summary reports on each, I have since realigned the agency workload and seen an increase in agency productivity. No more hoping and praying for the right candidate at my agency anymore thanks to IdealTraits.

Dean D. Day, LUTCF

65.I am thrilled to report that utilizing IdealTraits profile testing has given me the confidence to hire not one, but two new employees for sales positions in the last 3 weeks. One started this week and the other is in the process of getting licensed. While it’s a little early, my new hire is off to a great start. Additionally, I used one of the tests for myself. It helped give me a baseline when evaluating other’s tests and it helped me to identify my own strengths and weaknesses so that I can staff around them as well as work on improving my own skills. I highly recommend IdealTraits to others!

Thank you,
Cyndi Hartwell

66.This Program has been amazing! It has helped us secure a staff that works well together. Not only does the profile help us determine the best fit for the positions available, it also helps us to determine where and how we should place candidates so that the personalities work well together within the office.
Love, Love it!

Kathy Brundle

67.So far I have had over 1090 views from my job posting for a customer service rep. It has given me an incredible pool of candidates to choose from.

Thank you,
Matthew Mullen

68.I used Ideal Traits for my most recent LSP hire and will say without a doubt I WILL NOT EVER hire another person with out using their assessment. I have used another company for the last two years and even though the 3 people I hired scored acceptable for an insurance sales job none of them were truly sales people.

There are other companies out there, but I have not found another company that is specifically targeted to an Allstate office the way they are. Feel free to contract me if you would like more details.

Chris Payne

69.Idealtraits has helped me in making my hiring decisions easier!

I no longer just have to rely on just an interview and a few references. Idealtraits provides me a great tool to see if the candidate I’m looking at has the personality to handle the job whether it is for a sales or a customer service position. Idealtraits is not expensive and is well worth the small expense to help me make the right hiring decision!

I highly recommend Idealtraits!
Chris Just

70.I am asking more intelligent questions during my interviews and feel strongly that my confidence in and understanding of the people I am hiring has improved 100%. The assessments are incredibly accurate and more helpful than any I have used before!

Brian Green

71.I have used Ideal Traits the last 4 months and even tested my existing staff. It has been fairly accurate in terms of where everyone rated relative to their skill level.

Brian Williams

72.IdealTraits has helped save me time, money and the aggravation of hiring the wrong people. It has helped me to weed out the salespeople that I otherwise may have hired and focus in on the applicants who are worth my time. I would recommend IdealTraits to any agent looking to hire! I wish Allstate would do a cost-share and/or make IdealTraits EA approved!

Chris Waldmeir

73.I took the assessment for myself and it seemed accurate. I have given it to one other person and plan to hire her. It has given me more confidence in the hiring process, knowing I can give them the assessment to be able to back up what they are saying to me in the interview.

Peggy Romero

74.We appreciate having a resource to help us select new staff. We know insurance, how to run an insurance agency…not how to select the appropriate candidate for sales or customer service positions! I rely on Ideal Traits results to interpret what a candidate’s true aptitude’s are, you are our HR pro!!

Deb Mueller

75.I took advantage of the seminar at Leaders Forum in San Diego this year and was very impressed with the information that I got. I spoke with several attendees at that seminar, some of whom were already using Ideal Traits, as well as other agents during the Forum that were using Ideal Traits. Everyone, without exception, stated how accurate the test results were, how great the service was and how much they appreciated the information and help that it provided. Some stated that they had gone against the results got exactly what the test said that they would!

As a member of the New York State Advisory Board we recently held a telephone conference to discuss the help that the Region could offer to find and retain excellent LSP’s. I completely recommended Ideal Traits as a model or benefit that our agent body could and should be using because some people interview better or worse than they will perform. Ideal Traits takes out the emotional side out of the hiring process and reduces the cost and time to interview candidates that are not worthwhile.

I have used the service several times since Leaders Forum. The test results have been spot on in all instances. I have also contacted Danelle, to review the results to make sure that I was interpreting the measurements the correct way and she was very helpful and had great insights. With the time and cost to hire, license, train and fire a bad candidate, my only issue now is to find that perfect candidate that can get the results on the test that I am looking for.

Mark Pogue

76.Ideal Traits has helped me hire the “right person” for the sales position. I specifically like the open-ended questions which require some thought by the candidate!

Patrick Sprague



William Cavinee

78.Ideal Traits has provided our agency a systematic approach to pre-screening candidates. Taking the emotion out of the hiring process has improved our hiring practices and enabled us to focus our time and efforts.

Scott Vermeulen

79.I have learned the hard way how NOT properly assessing a candidate’s strengths and skills for a position in my agency can have a long term negative impact on my results. Since that time, I have used Ideal Traits for ALL of my hires and plan on doing so consistently in the future. The small cost of using Ideal Traits is well worth the cost avoidance of a bad hire.

Thank you for making this available for my insurance agency!!!!
Scott Lochte

80.Ideal Traits has cut my hiring time down in half. I initially had my entire staff and myself take the test, so we knew who we needed to hire. Because of Ideal Traits, I didn’t have to spend as much time interviewing candidates and I found the perfect employee for the position. My new hire is competent, fits in well with the agency and I feel very confident about my new employee. I would recommend them to anyone looking to hire in the insurance industry.

Heidi Doebel

81.Yes, it has. I will not hire anyone without putting them through your test first.
Max Moarefdoust

It helped me know ahead of time the type of people that I am dealing with. It eliminates the guess work. I am happy to be using them.

Shirley Nichols

82.I love how Ideal Traits has taken the suess work out of hiring. They have converted my hiring process from being emotional to being a logic based process where I use less of my time (which is money) to get the right candidate. Previously I would spend hours interviewing candidates, get emotionally attached and hire without knowing if they could do the job. Now I have them do the Ideal Traits test before I even interview or become emotionally attached.

I’m so glad I finally discovered Ideal Traits and would recommend this product to anyone looking to hire. It will give you insight on the applicant and you can decide for yourself if they are a good fit for your Agency before interviewing them! Ideal Traits has cut my hiring time in half, thank you Ideal Traits!

Andrea Coulon

83.Since I began using Ideal Traits my hiring process and quality of candidates is much improved. Most importantly I have not hired poor quality candidates thanks to the assessments that I have asked the candidate to complete. Not hiring people that are destined to fail is very valuable!

Steve Craft

84.I used IdealTraits a little differently when hiring this time. After looking at Resumes of potential candidates I had my top candidates take the assessment before interviewing. This saved me time in finding the right fit. I was not influenced by a good interview who may not be a true fit and did not waste my time interviewing someone who does not fit the position. The candidate I hired is still learning but seems to have a very sales driven mentality.

Kevin Shealy

85.Ideal traits was a valuable tool when we recently added two staff to our agency team. The assessments allowed us to weed out candidates that might have seemed like a fit on the surface but did not project for success at the agency thus saving us from making a costly hiring mistake.

Ron Bansky

86.It has been key in my hiring process. I won’t hire without it ever again. Knowing how a person would fit into the agency is HUGE.

Zach Batté

87.Idealtraits has been key to hiring the best applicants. I can’t imagine doing business without Idealtraits.

Thanks, Keith Fagg

88.I just started using Ideal Traits to improve my agency. Each of my staff completed the assessment, and it really helped me know how to shape their responsibilities within the agency. I am also in the hiring process for a new employee, and Ideal Traits is a very important part of that process.

Chris Ousley

89.Ideal Traits has totally changed my hiring process. I used to spend hours interviewing or responding to emails from prospective employees. After meeting with Kevin at the Mega Agency conference he convinced me there was a better way. Their website is easy to use and understand. I send a link to the applicant and I find that is my first line of screening. The ones that don’t complete it, don’t get another chance. That alone saves me enough time to justify the expense. The results when completed are easy to understand and so far, right on. I put my entire staff through it as a test before hiring my first candidate. I then went back to the staff individually to see what they thought about their own results. Most of them were amazed as to the accuracy of the print out.
I won’t hire again without using Ideal Traits.

Stan Tebow

90.I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback about IdealTraits…even though I am a new user (only 2 assessments so far), I have already used the tool to avoid making a bad hiring decision. As you know, making a poor hire is very costly and I appreciate such an effective and easy to use tool in my hiring toolbox.

Kelly McKee

91.So far we love it, we’ve just been trying to see how those staff are working out once we’ve made the decision to hire them. We’ve made our hiring decisions based on the ideal traits as one of the main categories in our process for selecting candidates. I also like using the site to keep candidates organized.

Brett Stenmoe

92.The Ideal Traits process greatly helped me in selecting a qualified staff person. We were able to narrow down our candidates to 2 individuals who were pretty much equal and we selected the candidate that scored best in the assessment that they took on-line. The Ideal Traits system helped in a Big way in making a solid decision. Our new employee is working out wonderfully!

Pete Barry

93.I have Hired my first LSP using Ideal traits and I have to say I am impressed they nailed it so far he is still getting his license but the description of what he would be good at is spot on.

I hope this helps,
Kenneth R. Moscone Jr.

94.IdealTraits kept me from making several hiring mistakes, and been very helpful with another potential that we were very interested in. We are still looking and will be in touch as soon as we find a solid person for our LSP opening.

Thank you for your help,
Jerry McCullars

95.Idealtraits has really been helpful in determining who is qualified for the positions. I won’t hire anyone without using Idealtraits.

Hillery McBroom

96.The feedback regarding personality type that comes from your report is amazingly on target. It helps me slot the right personality into the right position. Hunters need to be selling, not servicing. And not doing some of both.

Marty Graff

97.IdealTaits helps me differentiate the “wannabe’s” from the real thing. With Sales Leaders, the training process is much shorter. I would much rather spend more time looking for a top producer than training someone who won’t work out. IdealTraits helps me do that.

Tim Cole
The Cole Group

98.Ideal Traits has saved me a ton of time by helping to identify performers and screening out several of the applicants who I would otherwise had come in to the office for an interview.

Tony Gearhar

99.I can say that hands down Ideal Traits has been the best addition to my hiring/recruiting process. You learn so much about the candidate to know if they would be a good fit for the position you are hiring for, know about how to manage them and learn more about how they process things and know what to expect. I have testing my current staff and used it for the past 4 hires that I have done, I couldn’t be more pleased!

Angie DeVore

100.We do not have a great deal of experience yet but it does give us additional information on how the employee will perform. We do not use the testing as the only basis for hiring, but it does give us confidence that if the employee scores well, we will bring them in for an interview. It does give us insight on the skill traits of the employee, but we still need to consider other factors in when hire. Need to also consider how well they get along with other employees, appearance, manners, etc. With time I feel we gain more confidence in our hiring practices with this product and make it easier to hire people and help retain people we have hired.

William Simmons

101.Ideal traits has been instrumental in my hiring process. It has allowed me to pre screen potential hires and help take the emotional side of hiring out of the equation. The process of removing the wrong people out of the running before I waste anytime interviewing the wrong people has been a game changer for me. I would recommend this process and product to anyone looking to add staff to their agency.

Gabe Cicconetti

102.The program has assisted me with a few candidates that made me aware what I needed to expect and even a few that I considered hiring convinced me that I should not hire them.
I also administered the assessments to all of my staff to make sure that they are working in the correct job description, we have made a few adjustments that the assessment confirmed.

Thank you,
Rudy Ledesma

103.It has made us more focused on getting the right kind of person to hire and has slowed our process down in order to get a stronger long term employee.

Jillian E. Spano-Mercure

104.I am really glad to be using Ideal Traits. It has turned my rather half-hazard hiring process into a systematic and logical approach of identifying talent. Nothing is more valuable to my business than an investment in human resources, and this helps make certain that I’m bring people into our business that are the right fit.

Bill Waugh

105.I believe in IdealTraits assessments because it’s so critical to make the right hire the first time. It simply costs too much time and money to hire the wrong candidate. If you’re looking for a producer, the assessment tells you if they would make a good producer. So, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll know if you have the right candidate.

Diana Troy

106.Yes ideal traits has help us weed thur the weak producer and help us find awsome staff I will never hire anyone with outgoing thru the IdealTraits program

Art Silva

107.I went from hiring 1 good person out of 4 to hiring 1 bad person out of 4. Now that’s not exact, but it seems I am hiring nothing but good people when I couldn’t find any good people.

Michael Higdon

108.I just started using IdealTraits and they have helped tremendously. I have two candidates and one opening for a sales producer. I was about to extend an offer of employment to one of them but after completing the personality profile I discovered that neither of them were sales oriented. They would be great CSR’s but not the hunters that I need. It is a small investment with a great return. I would recommend that everyone use IdealTraits in their hiring process.

Sean McMullin

109.I just wanted to give you my input on how Ideal Traits has helped are Canton Agency. Ideal Traits has been easy use to find prospect employees. The best option I love about Ideal Traits, is the test assessment. I’m able to truly find out what the prospect is good at and not good at, and be confident with the results. Ideal Traits has given be the ability to weed out the bad prospect, and focus on the good ones. It has been a great system for me, and the success of my office.

Thank you,
Brandon Wright
Office Manager, Cheryl Bowker Agency

110.Purchasing Ideal Traits was a good investment. I have found it gives me one more process to make sure I am hiring the best candidate.

Carl F. Johnson

111.Once I learned to trust the process, I hired two of the most perfect people. What a difference! Thank you Ideal Traits!

Robin Binkley