We are here to offer our assistance in helping you find those Ideal candidates for your agency. Whether you are looking for service, sales, or telemarketers, our job posting feature is a great way to attract and retain that perfect candidate. By going to the “Post Jobs” button in your account and selecting “Add New”, you can start building your job ad today! Here are a couple things to consider and complete during this process.

1. Go to your “My Account” area and make sure to fill in the following fields located at the bottom of the page:

Upload a Company Logo. This will show up in your Job Ad and any assessments you send out. Let us help you brand yourself by creating a logo for you. Just email us and we will create and upload it to you account! Here is a sample logo.


 * Company Description. This is a field in which you can really market yourself and give specific information about your agency to the candidate applying. Mention how long you’ve been in business, any awards you may have garnered over your career, if you do any community outreach, specific location, ect. Here is a sample Company Description:

( YOUR AGENCY NAME HERE ) is a premier Allstate Agencies located in Lake Orion MI. Last year we were named Best in Company, which means we were ranked #1 out of 10,000 agents in 2012. We take our job seriously and tailor client’s policies to their needs. We care, and it shows in our survey results! Our dedicated staff work incredibly hard to insure that our clients are Completely Satisfied! We only hire the best and most dedicated employees.

Post Jobs Default Image. This 250×250 image will be located in your job posting. We find that ads that have an image attract more candidates than ads without. You can choose a picture of yourself, your agency, staff, or even a piece of art you like. Select anything that will stand out to that candidate. *Remember to Save your work. 

Here is a few sample post job images:

 career Job Posting Image_auto home life business ins. life-insurance-quotes

2.  Now you are ready to build your ad

Go to the  “Post Jobs” button and select “Add New.” This is where you will complete the rest of your job posting. Here are some sample job ad links that will assist you:

For Saleshttps://dashboard.idealtraits.com/career/Mlynarek-Insurance-agency/13734739512vie

For servicehttps://dashboard.idealtraits.com/career/J-Mlynarek-Agency/13809029163vie


When editing your posting note there is an auto send feature option. This will kick out an assessment email/link to ANY candidate that enters their information into the apply fields of you ad. If you are on a credits basis, please consider opting out of this to make sure you are not sending assessments to candidates that you are not interested in. The box below is for any email addresses OTHER than the main account email you would like responses sent to. Putting your own into this box will only give you double the alerts.

4. Finishing The Post

Save your work by selecting “Save As Draft” until you are completely satisfied. This will allow what you have started to be edited. The job ads you create will be located under the “Post Jobs” > “View All” area. By clicking on the pencil icon within this section you can edit your current drafts. When the ad is ready to post, select the “Save” button to finalize your ad. Now this job posting is ready to go! You will notice that you now have option to “Share” or “Post.”  By hovering over each of these buttons, click on any of the drop down sites and social networks you wish your ad to be placed in. The social networks will place your ad within your personal feed on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, ect.  The post job sites will start running your ad on their website within 24 hours after a review. It’s really that simple!

Again, we want to thank you. Please let us know if there is any way we can assist you with LogosPost Job Images, or anything within this feature. Reach out to us anytime via the “Help” and “Contact Us” option within our site or by reaching out by phone at (248)387-2717 9-6pm.