Upgrade to POST JOBS

By upgrading and adding the POST JOBS feature within your IdealTraits account, you will be able to shout “We Are Hiring!” to millions of job seeking candidates across the web. IdealTraits understand that you require a streamlined hiring process that is not only fast and easy, but extremely efficient and affordable. POST JOBS is your answer.

All features listed below will be available within the same simple interface you use today.

With the POST JOBS feature you will be able to:

  • Build and post your jobs ad to millions of job seekers.
  • Easily post your ad to your Facebook and Twitter account of your choice
  • Customize and brand your business job ad.
  • Post multiple job offerings simultaneously.
  • Track job ad performance.
  • Capture new candidate leads with your FREE customized job landing page.
  • One-click assessing with IdealTaits personality assessments.

Here are a couple screenshots of the POST JOBS feature.

POST JOBS > VIEW ALL (screenshot)


POST JOBS > FREE Landing Page (screenshot)

POST JOBS > FREE Landing Page

To pre-order your upgrade which includes the POST JOBS feature, please fill out the form below.

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