Identify Talent

Hire with confidence.IdealTraits allows you to take the guesswork out of hiring by taking a logical approach in your recruiting efforts as opposed to an emotional path. With 92.6% face validity and the instant detailed candidate summaries, IdealTraits empowers you to spend more timeviewing qualified candidates rather than spending countless hours sifting through resumes. Find your next top performing LSP or CSR today with IdealTraits.

92.6% Face Validity

Face validity refers to the transparency or the relevance of an assessment as the results appear to the participant. Higher Percentage = Higher Accuracy.   Instilling confidence in your recruiting and hiring will allow you to identify top performing candidates every time. Need to re-organize your current staff? Leverage IdealTraits assessments which will assist you determining the “best fit” for the role in your organization.

Detailed Candidate Summaries and Reports

Detailed candidate reports and summaries include quantitative results that measure your candidate’s motivation, drive, persuasiveness, convincing, steadiness, structure, thoroughness, routine, compliance, and problem solving skills. Lastly, the easy to understand 3-5 paragraph overall summary will help you determine whether your candidate may or may not fit into your agency / organization. Sample Candidate Summary Video Explanation

Build Your Candidate Bank

“Build your bench of top candidates.” We strongly believe in the A.B.H rule, and that you should always be looking for top qualified candidates, even when your not hiring. With this rule in mind, your IdealTraits account will store all of your candidates general information, resume, reports and summaries, in a secure environment for quick reference when its time to expand or time to replace.