Welcome to IdealTraits University.

IdealTraits helps small and large businesses alike recruit and hire top performing staff.  This is done by predicting job performance through the IdealTraits assessments.

In this course, Assessments 101, you will learn the fundamentals of the IdealTraits Assessments in the Lessons displayed below.

After each lesson, you will complete a short quiz.  You must pass the quiz in order to move on to the next lesson.  Once you have completed all lessons, you will need to pass the final exam to complete the course and receive your certificate of completion.

Once you have completed the course, you will understand

  • How IdealTraits allows you to assess candidates in several ways
  • How to interpret the IdealTraits Performance Index
  • Why the Problem Solving and Short Answer Questions are important
  • Why all of these steps is important in your interview and hiring process

We hope you enjoy this course!