Mastering Assessment Results – Recording Link

This past Wednesday we had an ideal webinar discussing how to become a master at understanding the IdealTraits assessment results. Mastering Assessment Results Webinar Highlights: Top assessment profiles for sales. (2:10) Top assessment profiles for customer service. (15:50) Understand the numbers behind the result. (4:43) Questions to ask during your interview. (8:05) (21:37) Open Q [...]

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New Auto-Populated Username and Password Feature!

IdealTraits is dedicated to providing new features that expedite the recruiting process. We are proud to announce that when manually entering a new candidate, the system will now populate a unique username AND password AUTOMATICALLY! Once the first and last name are entered, the system will generate the username and password for you! Q: What does this [...]

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New Current Employee Feature!

IdealTraits has added a new default position within your account for current team members! This will help you expedite assessment of your staff. Help the dynamic of your team by integrating the assessment into your review process to track everyone's growth. Q: What does this mean for your account? A: You can assess your staff WITHOUT the [...]

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Don’t Miss our March Workshops

Please join us for any of our March workshops where we will go over two of our most frequently questioned topics: Results and Job Postings. Ideal Profile Types March 5 & March 25 @ 2:00pm EST A confidence building workshop that will empower your recruiting efforts. See what an "Ideal" sales, service, and telemarketing result [...]

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NEW February IdealTraits Webinar Schedule

We are pleased to announce our webinar schedule for the month of February, 2015. Join us for some valuable information on functions of your account, interviewing, and assessment results! ***NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY. THE 9 MINUTE OVERVIEW TO YOUR RIGHT IS A SEPARATE WEBINAR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------> All sessions will be 15-20 minutes with an open Q&A at [...]

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Branding your Agency through the Candidate Experience

When recruiting, it is important to make it a positive experience for the candidate. Handling the process wrong can be very self destructive and do damage to your agencies brand. An astonishing 70% of online applicants NEVER get a reply. In this blog we will cover four of the important things to remember as you [...]

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Pre Interview Like a Pro

We all know that locating a candidate is half the battle. Now, how do we keep this candidate invested in the process? This starts with the pre-interview. In this blog we will cover communicating with your candidate, pre-interview questions, agency branding, and setting expectations.   Communicating with your candidate Once you have received a candidate [...]

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EEOC Compliance Awareness Week

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been responsible for monitoring and enforcing workplace discrimination regulations for nearly 50 years. Their vision is justice and equality in the workplace. They strive to stop and remedy unlawful employment discrimination. When hiring, it is important to keep a process in which to remain discrimination free, and provide yourself [...]

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Essential Tips For Your Next Interview.

Now that you have assessed your candidates, selected the ones you would like to bring in for an interview, now what? How do you translate the results of the candidates assessment into probing interview questioning? Many candidates nowadays are going to be familiar with behavioral interviews. What IdealTraits has done is given you information, from [...]

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Job Posting Tips

Get to know your job market? With organic job sites, you are competing against hundreds, sometimes thousands of similar job openings depending on your location. It is highly recommended that you do a little research before submitting your ad. Start with sites like Indeed , JuJu , Simply Hired and Jobs2Careers. Do a few local searches to get a feel for your competitors [...]

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