The A.B.H. Rule

You as an agent should A.B.H. or “Always be hiring!”.  I have learned this lesson too many times in the past, or have been caught in the trap of analyzing my current staff situation and convincing myself that either my current staff is happy and will be with me forever, or my agency is growing at a strong enough pace.  The problem with this rationale is realistically 25-40% of  office staff will turn over naturally every year for one reason or another,  and I should always be looking to grow at a faster pace.

Are you abiding by the A.B.H. rule in your agency?

Ask yourself the following questions ….. honestly:

  • Are you prepared if your TOP producer leaves your agency today?
  • How much time does it take to hire your replacement TOP producer to take his /her place?
  • What is my downside potential financially if and when my current TOP producer leaves my agency?
  • How many interviews will it take to find your TOP producer?
  • How long does it take to get your new TOP producer fully trained to work at maximum capacity?
  • Do you have a  database of potential candidates to start interviewing now?

Now take a look at the financial impact of your agency if you are not prepared. Because, (be honest with yourselves) most of you do not have an action plan or are abiding by this A.B.H. rule. The following 3 examples are based on a 90 day agency downtime.

  1. Advertising Cost to hire new applicant: = $500
  2. 90 day in-house product and sales training: = $5,500
  3. Lost renewal renewal revenue over the next 2 years at a 85% renewal rate : = $12,862 ($5000 new + $4250 1st yr + $3612 2nd yr.)

Total revenue lost: $18,862.00


How to prepare now to minimize the financial impact

Great agents have a common theme on hiring, A.B.H.  Here are a few ideas on how you and IdealTraits can effectively minimize the financial impact of staff turnover at your agency.

  • Choose to have a pipeline of potential candidates by following the “Always Be Hiring” rule.
  • Consistently run fresh advertisements in the job marketplace. (Tip: Search for “free job postings in
  • Connect with a local college career services dept and let them know what kind of candidate you are looking to hire.
  • Assess every candidate with IdealTraits to “weed out” the unqualified and build a bank of superstars.

So start preparing today because the future of you staff is never a guarantee.