Get to know your job market?

With organic job sites, you are competing against hundreds, sometimes thousands of similar job openings depending on your location. It is highly recommended that you do a little research before submitting your ad. Start with sites like Indeed , JuJu , Simply Hired and Jobs2Careers.

Do a few local searches to get a feel for your competitors job titles, job descriptions, salary ranges etc.

Now consider the following:

  • How many/what type of ads am I competing against? Take a look at the first few pages of ads in your market. How are they formatted, what catches your eye, and what details are they including? Being specific and thorough will not only help the performance of your posting, it will make it clear to the job seeker what your position offers.
  • Do you list compensation plans, salary ranges or benefit packages? If so, is it comparable to other ads running in that category? The job market is competitive, so consider what else is out there and how it .

Job title, job title, job title

A recent study of Blog and Website performance states that you have an average of 5 to 10 seconds to grab your audience’s attention before they scroll or click away and are gone forever. Capture their attention and make them want to click on your posting. The job title is the single most important part of your job listing and has the greatest impact on whether candidates will be interested in clicking on a listing to learn more about the position. Here are some suggestions to follow when building your job title.

  • Your title should be specific, so think like a job seeker.
  • Keep your job title 25-65 characters max, this will ensure great mobile visibility.
  • Avoid abbreviations, acronyms and industry specific words such as LSP, CSR, MGR, etc.
  • Use a searchable keyword in your title.

GOOD job titles for an Insurance Sales position

  • Insurance Sales – Auto and Home Insurance Sales
  • Insurance Sales – Start an exciting sales career
  • Home and Auto Insurance Sales Representative
  • Insurance Sales – Inside Sales Representative

BAD job titles for an Insurance Sales Position

  • P&C Licensed Sales
    • Acronyms should not be used in job titles
  • Trusted Advisor Wanted
    • Job Seekers will not search for “Trusted Advisor”
  • Make Money Selling Policies To Customers Needing Insurance
    • Too Many Charachters
    • Sounds like a MLM opportunity
  • Licensed Sales Reps. Needed
    • Abreviations should not be used in job titles.
    • Non-searchable terms used “Licensed Sales”

Do I Have a Job Post Image?

We find that ads with a Post Jobs Image perform better than those without. Keep their eye dancing and keep them reading by providing visual interest. The image can either be uploaded within your My Account area as a default for any ads created, or within the Post Jobs template itself. We can send you suggestions if needed but examples of appropriate images are:

  • Photo of yourself, agency storefront, or current team.
  • Anything pertaining to Insurance and Sales.
  • Something that represents you and your personality such as a piece of art you like, a favorite color, or any clean picture of interest.

Does your Company Description reflect your agency properly?     

The Company Description will be your introduction to your posting. You will enter this in your My Account area. Make sure to include facts that serious job seekers want when applying to jobs. Read it aloud to make sure it flows and will make sense to the job seeker. Suggestions of things to include are:

  • Name of your Agency
  • Location. Be specific if near a plaza or major intersection.
  • Years in business
  • Counties or cities you do business in
  • Awards you have achieved
  • Charity events or involvement in community outreach programs
  • Include a agency mission statement or culture.

Does my Job Description include Trigger Words?

The job search websites scan job descriptions and identifies keywords that it associates with the role. Keywords are the words or phrases that candidates use to search for open positions. Including these words or phrases ensures that your job description will appear in the appropriate searches. The more  keywords are identified the better placement the ad will have.  Some common trigger words you could include are:

  • Sales
  • Insurance
  • Agency/Agent
  • Professional
  • Representative
  • Administrator
  • Customer Service
  • Executive

Are the Requirements/Responsibilities clearly stated?

Be specific in what you are looking for and what you want. Don’t rely solely on the suggestions our template provides, modify our suggestions or add your own to get it right for your need.  If your posted ad is getting views but no person has applied review the requirements and responsibilities. How many do you have listed? Keep them tailored to attract listing the most important requirements you have for them to apply.

Lastly, Would you apply to this ad?

Preview your ad and review it like an applicant would. Be aware of spacing, bullet points and bold fonts. Keep the format  simple and clean to look at. Make sure to pay attention to grammar and spelling. If you don’t find you posting appealing, it will most likely not attract applicants. Put some effort into making sure to be professional, informative, and most of all, showing personality. If you want enthusiastic, motivated sale people, make sure the tone of your ad is exciting and attractive to that type of applicant.