Are you HIRING? Are you RESTRUCTURING?  Let IdealTraits empower you in making the right decision for your agency. You can easily send an online assessment to CURRENT STAFF or NEW CANDIDATES  in a SNAP! Easily identify a candidate”s  STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES  to ensure you are RETAINING the right LSP or CSR for your agency.

Ready to get started ? Follow these EASY steps :

1. Login at by clicking on Agent Login on the top blue bar to the right of your screen.

2. Login with your email (user name) and password. If you need a reset email us at

3. Click on View All under your candidates button to the left of your screen.

4. Click on Add Candidate.

5. Enter your candidates information. You will need their name, phone number, and email. The user name and password is something you create for them. The position you choose does not change the way the assessment is administered, it only let’s them know what position they are applying for. The source field is just for your records, notating how you and the candidate met.

Your screen will look like this.


6. Click SAVE, to save and send later, click Cancel to cancel the entry, or click Save and Send Link to save information and send the link out to the candidate. They will receive an email from your registered user name email and a copy of their login details.

This is what the candidate will see in the email they receive.


Once your candidate clicks on the URL provided, they will be taken the login page to take their assessment.

You will notice that there is a company logo above the login field. Let us assist you in BUILDING YOUR OWN LOGO so that you can brand your agency.

Just email and we will be more than willing to create and upload your logo today!

This is what the candidate will see when following their URL link to login.

Candidate Link

CONGRATULATIONS! Your assessment has now been sent and you will receive an email alert once the results are available.