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We all know that locating a candidate is half the battle. Now, how do we keep this candidate invested in the process? This starts with the pre-interview. In this blog we will cover communicating with your candidate, pre-interview questions, agency branding, and setting expectations.


Communicating with your candidate


Once you have received a candidate you are interested in, the first thing to do is to communicate with them. How should you communicate?

  • Some agents will email back and forth, but we suggest a quick phone call as the next step of our process.  We want to keep this candidate invested in the process, so what better way than to reach out and hold a brief 5 minute conversation with them.
  • Use your comments section within each candidate to take note of this conversation. This keeps all of your notes in house and allows for quick access later.
  • Use your ratings feature to give them a score during the pre-interview.

Pre-Interview Conversation and Questions


The point of the 5 minute call is to get the candidate talking. You can determine whether or not to move along with the candidate within the first few minutes. What should you be listening for?

  • Good Speaking voice: They will be on your phones, so listen for confidence, clarity, and enthusiasm.
  • Interest: Do they sound interested in the opportunity?
  • Active Responses: Do they have a quality answer to your questions?

Remember, at this point in the process, we want to remain OBJECTIVE and refrain from getting emotionally invested. Leave the specifics for later, after they have been assessed. So, what questions should you ask?

  • How did you hear about us?
  • What attracted you to this opportunity?
  • Why do you feel as though you would be a good fit?
  • I only hire top producers, what makes you feel as though you could be one?

Agency Branding


Just as you would hope your candidate would make a good impression on you, the same is true on your end. How can we brand our agency in this stage of the game?

  • Follow up with your applicants in a timely manor. Remember, it will only take a few minutes to call each one and either decide to move forward or decline.
  • Call your candidate instead of email. This will generate active enthusiasm in those who are really interested.
  • Use the email templates to follow up with your candidates. You do the same follow up with customers, your candidates should be no different.

Setting Expectations


At the end of your pre-interview, you will have decided wheter or not you want to move forward and assess or decline. If you move forward and send an assessment, what can you do to ensure the completion?

  • Set a completion expectation. This will better your rate of return and will identify those who are not interested and/or cannot follow directions.
  • Try using this talk path…”The next step of our process is for you to complete our Online Application Assessment.” Including the word “application” will make it sound mandatory.
  • Tell them that, on average, the entire assessment will take them an average of 40-55 minutes. That way they will allow this chunk of time for completion.
  • Remind them that if they need to step away, their individual login will allow them to log back in as many ties as it needs to complete the entire assessment.