We are pleased to announce three new IdealTraits “Post Jobs” enhancements.  These enhancements were developed in our ongoing effort to provide you with the best possible product and features. Please see the details below for each new feature:

1.  Post Jobs – Templates (for Platinum or Gold users)

Got writers block? No problem. The Post Jobs Template feature will allow you to choose from a variety of templates to insert into your job offering. With a few clicks you can easily insert a Job Description, Job Responsibilities, and even Job Requirements. After you choose the template, simply change/edit to your liking and your job is ready to be posted to your Social Network or Job Aggregate sites. Don’t forget, make your ad stands out from the crowd by offering unique content, so don’t just insert standard templates make adjustments before saving.

2.  Post Jobs – Automatically Send Out Assessments (for Platinum Users ONLY)

Many of you have expressed to have the option to have IdealTraits automatically send out assessments to candidates that apply to your job posting.  Now you have the option to do so.  By default, this option is checked for all new job postings therefore, if you wish to opt-out of automatically sending out assessments to all candidates that apply through your post jobs landing page simply un-tick this option. Please see the image below.

3. Post Jobs – Send Candidate Responses To: (for Platinum Users ONLY)

Send Candidate Responses To: Field allows you to notify other members of your team when a candidate applies for your job offering. This option is available on a per job post basis. This is a long overdue option that many of you have requested. Now, more members of your team can be involved in the hiring process if you so choose.

We hope you enjoy these new features and options and look forward to more feedback with regards to IdealTraits. In the mean time please keep those recommendations coming in!

If you have any questions with the new enhancements please feel free to contact us.