IdealTraits has added a new default position within your account for current team members! This will help you expedite assessment of your staff. Help the dynamic of your team by integrating the assessment into your review process to track everyone’s growth.

Q: What does this mean for your account?

A: You can assess your staff WITHOUT the resume request portion. They will be able to bypass this section, as it pertains more to new applicants you will run though.

Q: How do I send out a “Current Employee” assessment?

A: In your Candidate’s VIEW ALL area, you will click ADD CANDIDATE. Under the position drop down, select CURRENT EMPLOYEE. This ensures that the assessment will not require them to upload or build a resume. 


*This is what you account screen will look like*

Q: Do you have the option to remove PROBLEM SOLVING and SHORT ANSWER segments out as well for current staff?

A: Yes, by clicking MY ACCOUNT, then the ASSESSMENTS tab, you will be able to edit the assessment sections required with the pencil tool.


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We hope that this update will assist you even further in your team’s coaching and building experience. Please feel free to call us for assistance. Send in a web request here: