IdealTraits is dedicated to providing new features that expedite the recruiting process. We are proud to announce that when manually entering a new candidate, the system will now populate a unique username AND password AUTOMATICALLY! Once the first and last name are entered, the system will generate the username and password for you!

Q: What does this mean for your account?

A. You do not have to create a username OR password for each candidate you manually enter. Here is a screenshot.


Q: Can I still create my own username and/or password?

A. Yes, you can click on the username and/or password field and free-type anything you choose, so long as that username hasn’t been user by someone before. The system will tell you if it is available or has already been used.


Q: Do I have to provide the candidate with their username and password?

A. No. The invitation email that will be sent out when you click Save and Send Link will provide them with the link to follow, the username, and the password.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email me at