Please join us for any of our March workshops where we will go over two of our most frequently questioned topics: Results and Job Postings.


Ideal Profile Types

March 5 & March 25 @ 2:00pm EST

  • A confidence building workshop that will empower your recruiting efforts.
  • See what an “Ideal” sales, service, and telemarketing result will look like.
  • A tour of how to access, email, and print your candidate’s results.

Posting a Job and Finding Candidates

March 13 & March 31 @ 2:00pm EST

  • A review on how to Post a Job on the integrated job boards.
  • Customize your post with a logo and imaging.
  • Learn how to post your opportunity on outside sources.

How to Join the Workshops

Go to about 5-10 minutes before start time.

  • Download the app or join via browser.
  • Click the Telephone icon for instructions on syncing the audio.