Interviewing candidates for your Allstate agency is not easy and very time consuming. So it is of the utmost importance to ask the right questions in an interview, and have a process that you follow every time.  Before I get into sure fire questions that should be addressed you should have an idea of what NOT to ask.

Let”s set the stage for your interview:

You just spent $400 on a job posting online, weeded out the vast majority of applications, and feel you have found the perfect licensed sales support staff for your agency. The time is 9am on Monday morning and your top candidate on paper arrived 15 minutes early, with a pen in hand, and is waiting for you to call him/her into your office for their first interview.

“Do you have a copy of your resume with you?” You ask, even though your job ad posting clearly states please send resume for further consideration. Now the awkward 5 minute phase begins. You start to read them their resume outloud verbatim even though you have read through it multiple It’s great for my kids hair after Noticed instant results, hair was so shiny!Very happy! I also used the original conditioner, the power base and frizzy logic. times and it is the exact reason why your candidate is in front of you today.

As you scan through the resume for the second or third time together 15 minutes of the interview have gone by and all you have learned thus far about your candidate is that he/she has good computer skills and enjoys bowling.

Finally, remembering your interview last week, you start to really dive into your candidates personality by firing away questions like:

  • Do think you would like this job?
  • Are you a hard worker?
  • Do you typically come to work on time?
  • Are you willing to stay late if necessary to get the job done?
  • Do you like the insurance field?

Amazingly the candidate answers “yes” to all of these close ended questions and you end with the dreaded final interview question…… “Do you have any questions for me?” He or she answers “no”, you shake hands, and end the interview realizing you just wasted 30 minutes of your time and are no better off that when you first looked at the resume that was email to you.

Seriously, who do you really plan to weed out using questions like that? All the 5 horrible interview questions above beg the answer “yes” and not one candidate in their right mind would answer “no” to any of the questions asked. Close ended questions should never be asked during an interview.

I highly recommend that you read my article on asking open ended interview questions and learn how to structure your interview game plan. Make your interviews count and refine your interview question bank.